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Ceiling Fans

Need A Ceiling Fan Installed?

Installing and repairing ceiling, attic, bath, and exhaust fans can not only be complicated, it can also be dangerous. Leave electrical fan installation and repair up to the experts at ServiceCity Electric. Here are a few things we offer below:

(1) Small ceiling fan repair

(2) Electrical fan wiring

(3) Mounting

(4) Installation

Ceiling fans don’t cool air like air conditioners however, they move air and help people feel cooler in summer. Many people don’t realize that they can also be used to help us feel warmer in winter. Most ceiling fans provide a button for switching direction. If your fan has this button, the fan can be used to warm your family in the winter. Warm air in a home rises, so the fan can be used to bring warm air down from the ceiling towards people.

Push the button to reverse direction so that the down-turned edges of the blades lead. In most fans, the blades will turn clockwise. This helps save electricity, energy, and money all year long!

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