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Panel Box Upgrades

What is a panel?

A panel has a few different names such as a Breaker Box, Electric Box, Electric Board, Breaker Board, and a Service Board. We call it the panel!

At ServiceCity Electric your safety is our top priority, so please be careful around any electrical panel! Do not attempt to take the cover off for any reason without a licensed electrician present!

You may want to consider upgrading your electrical panel if you notice any of the following conditions:

(1) Many different brands of breakers are installed – (look for different the manufacturer labels).

(2) There is corrosion and/or rusting visible anywhere on the panel or panel cover.

(3) It is older than 15 years – (if you are unsure of age of your panel, it might be the same age as your home)?

If one of the above applies to your panel, you might need an Electric Panel Upgrade it’s very important that you act immediately. Everything in your home depends on the efficiency of your electrical panel. A good panel can protect and prevent serious problems. A new panel install, or electrical panel upgrade, is usually required to fix a problem with the existing panel. Your panel can be in a few different places. If your home is newer, it’s most likely in your garage or on an outside wall.

It is common in older homes for it to be in a closet or room. No matter where it’s at, we recommend that it’s in an open space with plenty of room around it to prevent any hazards. Panels long ago assembled by Zinsco and Federal Pacific (FPE) have many issues and are considered very hazardous. Click on the links above in orange for more information on these brands. Not sure what brand your panel is? Look on the panel cover, on one of the breakers, inside the panel door, or look on the (UL) tag.

The highly trained, licensed electricians at ServiceCity Electric only use the highest quality panels on your upgrade or change out. Every new electrical panel that we install has a lifetime warranty on the equipment and a 3-year warranty on the installation. The bottom line is we make sure the heart of your electrical system, the electrical panel, will be trouble free for years and years to come.

Call ServiceCity Electric at 972-362-6338 for more information on new panel upgrades.

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