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Surge Protection

A surge protector is an appliance that is designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes. Does your home have adequate surge protection? Through our 10 years of electrical industry experience, we’ve learned that most residences are dangerously lacking when it comes to electrical protection.

Before the next big storm or unexpected disaster hits, let the professionals at ServiceCity Electric talk to you about your electrical surge, lightning, and fire protection options.

You might be thinking, Do I Need A Surge Protector In My Home?

Do you have one or more of these expensive electronic items in your home or office?: Computers, TV’s, Water Heaters, Refrigerators, A/C Units, Electronic Entertainment Equipment, Hot Tubs, Washing Machines, Dryers, etc. Many of these items depend on the use of your home or office’s electric circuit boards.

All of these can very easily add up to thousand’s of dollars, and all are sensitive to power surges. You could potentially be saving your electronic items and a lot of money by installing a Surge Protector in your home or business.

Our Surge Protectors Provide the following in all of our Service Areas:

(1) Surge Protection

(2) Electrical Protection

(3) Fire Protection

(4) Lightning Surge Protection

(5) DFW Electrical Protection Devices

(6) Whole House Surge Protection

(7) Business/Office Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protector

The need for surge protection has increased dramatically. This is because many electronic devices can be damaged by surges. Electronic devices sensitive to power surges occur in: security systems, computers, printers, FAX machines, telephones, small appliances, microwave ovens, refrigerators, stereos, garage door openers, and low-voltage lighting systems.

Anytime there is a power outage, there is the possibility of a power surge upon turning the power back on. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing electronic components can be monumental.

Finally there is a solution to the problem: “whole house” surge protection. Whole house surge protection is now available to the general public at a reasonable cost.

Call us today for more information or talk to our In-House Technician and he’ll be glad to discuss whether installing a surge protector or a whole house surge protector would be a good option for you.

Call ServiceCity Electric at 972-362-6338 for more information!

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